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November 11, 2006
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Mire v2 LS -UNFINISHED- by asuraci Mire v2 LS -UNFINISHED- by asuraci
Fonts: [link]

I'm releasing what I have so far and letting the community take over from here. I will not be finishing this.

You hereby have my complete permission to make as many modifications as you like and release them. Just be sure you credit me somewhere. You do not have to PM me or contact me in any way - this is open-source.

The only things I can remember that's not done in this is the hover images and the irrational system tray placement. Other than that it should be fine.

I'm not sure if I got the file format correct. If it doesn't install itsself, rename the extension to ".zip" and extract into your themes directory.
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pk1st Jul 8, 2009  Hobbyist Interface Designer
sexy wallpapers
Sympli-Me Apr 2, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Is there a blue version? lol
How to opera like that?

I need a detailed describtion how to Opera! :)
WOW, this is awesome.
I do have one question, when I am running this and exit a program, it seems the outline of the program is still left. When highlighted it gives the hour-glass load on the cursor, but the program is actually not running at all.

Any help thanks.
please, give me the link to that wallpaper!
this theme is super nice!
Its a shame youre not finishing this as i think its a quality theme! I've been searching for the other users adaptation but he deleted it too, along with the foobar skin which is a shame.

If anyone has it and doesnt mind sharing, please tell me where you can find it!!

btw, how do you get the windows for explorer, etc showing the same colours and style? Do you have to use Windowsblinds in conjunction with litestep theme?
Nice LS-theme here man. Good cross between minimalism and usefulness. Saw a version somewhere for Fluxbox....think I'll use that for my Linux box. This one will be cool to just play with and add to. (with credit to you of course) Nice complimentary VS. I'll be lurking your deviantsite for me inspired.

Thanks. Don't bother lurking my page though, I've left this site. I just keep up with the comments, so I don't leave people in the dark. :P
how did you get opera like that??? could you explain me?
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